Monday, December 11, 2006

Great Weekend

Well, the weekend has come and gone and it was not that bad. We went and cut a fresh Christmas tree on Friday. It seems kind of odd cutting a tree for the holidays while wearing short sleeve shirts. Lauren loved the experience and the smell of the tree on the way home.
Lauren also had her preview show for her dance school. She is in a regular class as well as a smaller group that does performances throughout the community. Her school is called "Dance Art Center Of Tampa". The teachers are really good with the girls and Lauren is getting so much out of it. They also had their Christmas party immediately following the show.

We followed that with a party for my co-workers and I at our boss' home. That was a drive. She lives @75 miles from where we are currently. Lauren napped on the way and was refreshed when we arrived. Plenty of other kids to play with.
How about those SAINTS!!!!!
They did a fantastic job of dismantling Dallas last night on national television. All of the Saints fans knew that Mike Karney was a solid player, but we did not realize how versatile he was. It appears to this fan that the Saints now have their own version of Tampa's Mike Alstot. Let's just hope that Sean Payton does not do to him what Jon Gruden has done to Alstot and relegate him to the bench most of the game. That is a shame, because Alstot had become a fan favorite and continues to be, even though the coach can't stand him. As for L.T. getting player of the year..... WHATEVER! Did LT help resurrect a city and a franchis? Did he give millions of people a bright spot in an otherwise bleak existance in New Orleans. No. Did he set passing records in the NFL with a team that has a lackluster past? No. Has he embraced his home and poured his heart in it the way Drew Brees has? Again, the answer has got to be no. To me, the player of the year has to do more than just set a new record. He has to exemplify what we would like our kids to look up to. He has to be a pillar in the community. Anyway, enough about that. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember and will be one for a long time to come. Keep on marching Saints!! WHO DAT?

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Well, I have finally decided to enter the world of "The Blog". I am not quite sure what I will rant about at first, however I am sure it will strike a nerve with someone out there. I guess that what this is about. If I manage to make one person think or smile in some small way, I guess I will have acheived what I set out to do.I guess I will start by giving a little backround information. I am a 42 year old guy that is going through a divorce at the moment. No real issues with that other than custody. I take that back. I have issues with the state of Florida for allowing a mother to illeagally obtain state assistance and use that to get more child support. I have my daughter 44% of the time. That is much more than average, and for that I am thankful. What I mean by illeagal assistance is, she drives a BMW and lives in a gated community. She claims to make less than minimum wage and she was not required to submit proof for this. She owns her own company and pays herself less than minimum wage and the state allowed it. Oh well, I can't do anything other than pay for now and continue to love my daughter.I also have issues with politics, religion, deadbeat dads, people who abuse children and men who hit women. I am currently in a committed relationship with someone who is standing by me during all of the drama that is occurring now. We are trying to build a future and I will post about those plans as time goes on. I love to cook and I am a rabid New Orleans Saints fan. I am not rich, but not poor either. I have no aspirations to be rich. I just want to be a good Dad and hopefully a good husband again. I just need to make sure that the other person knows what a marriage vow means this time. I think that is what led to the other one breaking up. It seems that she just forgot to read the fine print. There I go again. I just need to let that go, but it just aggrivates me to know end that she did what she did and now I am now the bad guy.
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